The Boule - Our signature homemade sourdough

A truly genuine gift, sharing and breaking bread together warms the soul. Inspired by the art of gifting, each boule is wrapped in a white flour sack cloth, technique inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki cloth, customized options available. Inspired by women and bringing color to life, we partnered with Iva Jewell out of Oakland, CA to bring you our African fabric and themed Furoshiki wraps.

Our Kimmins Collective Signature Gifts can be ordered with 72 hour advance notice 7 days a week. Local pickup and delivery by request in select cities, contact us for shipping details. Learn more about our Eats Pop-up Shop.


Original, Olive, Cinnamon Raisin, Dried Cherry Walnut

Seasonal, Holiday, Friendship, Birthday, Hostess, Housewarming, Sympathy, Anniversary

Satin, Burlap, Checkered, Celebration

Furoshiki Wrap:
White Flour Sack Cloth, Iva Jewell Wrap, Custom Monogram, Custom Stamped



The Original Gifting Boule - $28
Includes: Original, White Flour Sack Furoshiki, Seasonal Flowers & Ribbon

Iva Jewell Furoshiki Wrapped Original Boule - $58
Includes: Iva Jewell Furoshiki Wrapped Original Boule

Custom - $48
Includes: Monogram or Customed Stamped Furoshiki Wrapped Original Boule