Our Eats Pop-up Shop

Our Eats Shop will have weekly bread only- Pop-Up's in select cities by demand.

Every other Saturday in San Mateo and most Sunday or Monday mornings in Pleasant Hill, CA.


We are baking and shaking in our small home oven, so would ask for all orders to be received by Wednesdays each week to prepare for the weekend! Email us to be added to our weekly menu distribution list or check us out on Instagram or Facebook @Kimminscollective.


We are excited to share our breads with you!



The Original Gifting Boule
Includes: Original, White Flour Sack Furoshiki, Seasonal Flowers & Ribbon

Iva Jewell Furoshiki Wrapped Original Boule
Includes: Iva Jewell Furoshiki Wrapped Original Boule

Includes: Monogram or Customed Stamped Furoshiki Wrapped Original Boule