All About Us

We are a husband, wife, and children team, a place where we can continue to be inspired, think creatively, and share our favorites from food to craft with others.  

All About Michelle
Michelle a Bay Area native and 7th generation Japanese American raised by her Grandparents. She learned early on the importance of being kind and considerate, be hospitable, and always share. The art of hosting & gifting, passed down from generations, can easily be translated to finding your genuine self while sharing with others. This authenticity was the spark behind their passion piece Kimmins Collective.

Michelle brings with her roots in the hospitality industry starting as a floor manager working for famous restaurants in San Francisco's North Beach to directing sales, catering, and events teams in hotels and private venues, to freelance wedding coordination, and her current full-time role as global sales for a major hotel company. Hospitality and the creativity behind food and presentation runs through her veins.


With an urge to create and stay inspired we welcome Kimmins Collective Homemade Eats & Gift Shop. Generations of food, stories, tributes to Great Grandparents, Great Aunts, Grandparents, Cousins, and a Mother in-law that is a Sicilian Chef, there's love and soul in each recipe and idea, her family gives her energy to create and her children and husband help manifest it to a reality. Each offering is a gift from their family to yours, with gratitude always, we hope you enjoy!